What Are the Characteristics of Different Types of LED Light Bulbs

There are several types of light bulbs, each of which is known to offer high quality and efficiency at the same time. And there are many different types of LED light bulbs. To name a few: white LED light bulbs, colored LED light bulbs, and high power LED light bulbs.

What are the characteristics of the various types of LED light bulbs? Below we present some common characteristics of the different types of LED light bulbs.

White LED – White LED is the most popular and commonly used LED light bulb. It is the least expensive among all the other LED bulbs. White LED is more economical than other LED light bulbs due to its low quality.

Yellow LED – Yellow LED is also known as ultraviolet LED or UV LED. Due to the new technology in producing LED lights โคม ไฟ, there has been an increase in the demand for low wattage LED lamps.

Green LED – The green LED is also known as white LED with Green emitters. It is similar to the white LED but uses green light emitting diodes instead of white LED. The reason why green LED has a higher output is that it only uses green light, thus creating only green light.

Red LED – The red LED is also known as red LED or RGB LED. This is because it offers dual or mixed color for the lights. The higher the number of LED strips, the more colors are emitted.

Blue LED – Another type of LED is blue LED. This type of LED is used in some TVs. Because of its low wattage, blue LED bulbs are ideal for home entertainment purposes.

Green LED Infinadex -Green LED Infinadex is a more advanced form of LED. With its advanced technology, Infinadex offers a brighter glow. It uses a hot-wiring technique where the electricity is passed through several LEDs and then the wires are connected together.

Red LED Green Infinadex – These two varieties of LED are the ones used in TV sets. Each one has its own characteristic that makes them suitable for different purposes.

However, both types of LED lights are very good in many ways. One of which is their efficiency.

The type of LED being used will determine the efficiency of the light. High quality LED light bulbs, for example, can be produced by using a lot of rare materials in their creation. This will give a more powerful light and more brightness.