Trevi Fountain – Overview

You may walk down closer to the fountain to find some much better photos in, but the possibility of having one without someone photobombing is truly slim. The fountain is an ideal stopping point in the center of your walking tour of Rome. Trevi fountain wasn’t always as spectacular since it is now. Trevi Fountain is really the most beautiful fountain in Rome. For us it is the most beautiful fountain in the world. The central Trevi Fountain is among the most renowned fountains on the planet.

There are lots of interesting information about the Trevi Fountain which make it one of the most well-known landmarks in all Rome. The plan of the villa is amazing. Salvi’s design employs a number of the elements in Bernini’s authentic design. Also think of going to the fountain after dark when you are going to be able to observe the spectacular lighting.

Most folks know more about the tradition of earning a wish in the Trevi Fountain. There’s also a legend about the little fountain of the 2 lovers. The Pantheon was constructed in 125 AD.

There aren’t any tickets to see the attraction. Tickets for Trevi Fountain are gratuitous, you don’t have to pay, it’s at no cost. To learn more about Trevi Fountain Tickets have a peek at our tickets section.

Dealing with large quantities of domestic and global flights every day, ground transportation at the airport includes buses, trains and auto hire. It would not be possible to see everything in 1 trip, so in case you go to Rome remember to throw a coin into the Trevi, thereby assuring your return. Learn more about the full collection of places to go to in Rome before you plan your journey. If you’re arranging a visit to Italy, we’d really like to show you exactly what our favourite country offers. Every year, 7-10 million tourists earn their way to Rome. Some quantity of walking is required and Dad’s leg isn’t upto it. One of the biggest churches on the planet, and one of the best examples of Renaissance architecture, it’s an incredible sight to see.

Back to top The Trevi Fountain is a favorite meeting place on the way to a number of renowned attractions that are nearby. If you just have time to find the Italian capital’s most well-known sights, you might love to go to the Fontana di Trevi Roma next. Obviously, the very best time to stop by Trevi Fountain is as soon as the crowds are at their lightest. In the summertime, the place appears quite welcoming, and in different months, you can focus on the historically rich attractions which are all lined up.

You should earn a separate toss for each coin. With all that coin tossing, there’s a bundle that winds up in the fountain! The coins must be thrown over the right shoulder with the correct hand. They are purportedly meant to be thrown using the right hand over the left shoulder. Sadly it’s not unusual for folks to attempt to steal the coins. While in Rome, you’re able to easily to spot coins in almost each of the fountains. Throwing two coins into the fountain will end in a new romance, and three will bring about marriage.