Jewelry Collection Stories — Medusa

As a collecting community, there’s no one that celebrates with each other more than Joy of Medusa. She cheers you on when you add a new piece to your personal collection and she kindly roots for you when you make a sale. There’s no one that understands holy grail pieces like her! Joy recently pulled a move I’ve been doing recently, which is selling off several smaller pieces to acquire one huge/amazing/insane piece. This is such a smart thing to do for a collector, especially once you’ve been collecting for quite some time. Those pieces you once thought were unattainable are now just 10-20 sales away. Think about that the next time you buy!


“I’ve loved & collected jewelry for as long as I can imagine. My first jewelry memory was at my Grandma’s house–I must have been about 3 or 4. I was an extremely picky eater…the only way my family could get me to eat was to put out a treasure trove of my gram’s costume jewelry. While I was distracted by the sparkles, they would feed me a bite!

My collection was initially formed by family giving me jewelry.  I have vivid memories of my mom and I having “swap nights” where we would sit on her bed and trade jewels. I’m sure I made out much better than her on every occasion.

As I got a little older, I loved making my own jewelry from beads and making friendship bracelets too. Once I began to work, I could afford to buy some of my own jewelry. My favorite piece that literally never leaves my hand is a purchase I made at about age 20. It’s a simple silver ring I wear on my thumb. It cost me maybe $12 and has been on my entire life’s journey with me.”

When my personal collection became “too large” I decided open a shop on Ruby Lane as a way to par down a bit. I had no idea how HOT cameos were in the jewelry market. My shop attracted collectors from all over the world. I made so many wonderful contacts and friends who also were enamored by these wearable works of art. I enjoyed every aspect..hunting down the pieces… photographing them… and placing them in happy homes.


“My favorite motifs come from the Art Nouveau era. I absolutely adore the scrolls and designs. Oftentimes I seem to gravitate to French Art Nouveau. Some of the rich buttery gold and enamel works are simply breathtaking.  The subjects of ladies and nature speak to my soul.

I also have a weakness for Georgian and Victorian jewelry as well. Another passion of mine are portrait miniatures.

To have the opportunity to handle and care take for some of these jewels that look as though they are straight out of a limning has been such a mind blowing experience.  Holding history for sure!

Another favorite era of mine is Art Deco. Who can resist the bold shapes, colors and lines that are so appealing. Wearable works of art!”


“Jewelry has become my passion mainly for sentimental reasons. I can’t think of anything tangible that can bring you back more to a particular moment than jewels that have been handed down within families.